Posted by: lll47 | July 24, 2019

Blog 116 People Say What They Believe


People are saying whatever they BELIEVE is the truth, but Yahweh’s Word is the “REAL” truth. There’s only one truth, and it’s His Word. John 17:17 Jesus is the WAY. the TRUTH, and the LIFE. John 14:6 Are we guilty of believing what we say more than what Yah’s Word says? When we talk about sickness, instead of talking about our healing, are we in agreement with the devil? One gives Satan his power by speaking what doctors and others say. Ordinary people do not know what Yahweh God knows. He knows the end from the beginning. Are they putting themselves in line with the world’s way of thinking? If a person is having symptoms, they should not immediately begin thinking it’s something bad. Instead, the symptoms should be told to go away, and not allowed to stay. There is authority to do this. Gen 1:26  The more times that a person speaks to the body, in faith, the more it will begin to listen and obey. Hebrews 11:1 It takes awhile, but one must be consistent. Also, when praying for an issue, is when it’s received done-no matter what the situation looks like. Mark 11:24 Waiting to see if prayer worked before believing is unbelief. One believes first. This is great faith. Yah’s Word is trusted-it’s the same as He is. John 1:1 The confidence is in Him that if any thing is asked according to His will, one know He hears. 1John 5:14,15 His Word and His will are the same; it’s His desire. Because every thing starts with thoughts, the mind must be renewed with Yah’s Word. Romans 12:2 Yahweh God is limited by people’s unbelief and speaking about it. Yah does not have to be asked to heal; He has already healed those who are in Christ.1Peter 2:24 One speaks to the mountain in Jesus’ name and tells sickness and disease to die. Believing comes before saying. Mark 11:23

This is faith cabin saying bye for now. Blessings, Love and Smiles.

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