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THINK ABOUT THIS:  How many have heard that Satan was fighting Michael, the archangel, over Moses’ body written in the book of Jude . What would be the point? Why would Satan want Moses’ body? Some speculate saying because one of the witnesses in the book of Revelations could be Moses. In Jude 9, we are told about an important history concerning National Israel. Jude is comparing two bodies of believers. The first body is those who are preserved and sanctified in Jesus the Christ, the congregation, or body of New Testament Christians and secondly the body of believers that were saved out of the land of Egypt.  The “body”of Moses was the congregational body of National Israel.
The name Michael was not a name in the Hebrew, but a title from three Hebrew words that mean “who is like God.” The term archangel is the Greek term “arch-angels” And it simply means “chief messenger.” Strongs concordance list it #743 & 732. The man called out by God to be His “Chief messenger,” the archangel Michael in the days when he delivered Israel out of Egypt, was none other than Moses. He was the chief messenger between God almighty and Israel. Moses was like God to Israel (Michael-“Who is like God.”). The children of Israel did not want to deal with God. They wanted Moses to deal with God for them. We learn of Moses’ duties as the divine mediator in Exodus 18:19-22.    We must have the knowledge that the Bible is written in symbolic language, prophetic language (language of the prophets), allegories, and metaphoric language.It cannot always be read and taken as literally. Words that we believe mean one thing, actually mean something else. For example: Clouds, for instance, can often mean judgement or  witnesses. Heb 12:1 So, as you see that the Bible cannot always be taken literally. You must know what type of literature has been used by the author. Also understand the historical context and whether it is relevant to us in our age. In Joseph’s (Jacob’s second to youngest son) had a dream in which the sun was depicted as his father, the moon as his mother, and the stars as the twelve brothers. Jacob had ten sons by Leah and two by Rachel (Joseph & Benjamin). The twelve sons (stars) represent the twelve tribes of Israel. Joseph was sold to slave traders by his older brothers , because they were jealous of him, and was sent to Egypt. After a time He became Pharaoh’s right hand man.
This is faith cabin saying bye for now. Blessings, love and smiles.

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