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Because I am a believer, and a recipient of Yahweh God’s healing power, I want to share this testimony. After many years of suffering, I learned of Yahweh God’s healing power. Doctors told me there was no cure for the horrible, rare, disease that had attacked my body. I probably would not be here now if I had believed the evil report. Doctors do not know about the spiritual aspect of a person; they only deal with the body. Every word that is contrary to the Word of Yahweh God is considered evil.Matthew 12:36,37 Yahweh’s Word is above and greater (like Him) than our words. In fact, He is the same as His Word. See John 1:1. Before this, I was unaware of the Bible Scriptures and that healing belonged to me.
At the time, I lwas iving in the country, and did not have cable to watch television, but during the illness, a company put cable in, and I began watching television a lot. In my constant going through the channels. I happened on a Christian program. I was amazed at what I heard because it was the most wonderful good news. I began spending hours, days and nights, listening to, and watching the different television preachers and teachers. I knew that I had to get a Bible like the one that they were using. Earlier in my life, I always wanted to read the Bible, but I was under the impression that I could not undrestand it. Many times, I would pick the Bible up and look through it, hoping that I could understand, but would put it back on the coffee table, disappointed. I was led to believe that I could not understand the Bible by wrong teaching. Truly one cannot understand the meaning of the Bible without the help of Holy Spirit. John 16:13
Finely, a Bible was bought for me, and I began reading it day and night just soaking up the scriptures. Also, I was still watching Christian television. I read what the Bible said, and I believed. The Word was such a delight to me; I was very exited. I began to think: “why should I suffer with something that Jesus has already healed?” 1Peter 2:24 “By His stripes, I am healed.” That is how Yahweh God sees His children…healed.
By faith (Hebrews 11:1), I prayed, and believed, and received that I was healed, and it seemed like instantly I began to get better. Mark 11:23,24 It’s according to what we believe in our hearts. I was totally transformed in my thinking. Romans 12:2 I knew that I was healed, and I began telling the doctors and others. Of course, they would look at me with disbelief, but I knew the truth. John 17:17 Jesus said, “Thy Word is truth,”
A little later, remembering my eye sight, I thought that if Jesus healed my body, He would surely also heal my eyes. So I prayed and received healing for my eye sight and haven’t worn glsses since that time.
I received healing by faith just believing what the Bible Scriptures told me.
We all can receive our healing just the same way that I received mine. Everybody that has an illness, can be healed just by reading and believing the Scriptures. It is a renewing of our minds that takes place as we read and reread the Word of Yahweh. This is how faith comes to believe for any thing that we need. It comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God the scripture says in Romans 10:17 It may take awhile because we really must be convinced with all our being that the Word is true and believe what it says, and receive.
My healing is maintained by faith, and I refuse to allow any symptoms to affect me by quoting the Bible scriptures. Sometimes, the symptoms may take longer to go away, but they must certainly bow their knee to God’s Word. Just don’t give up and change your confession because Yahweh God “watches over His Word to perform it, and upholds every thing by the Word of His power.” Jeremiah 1:12, Hebrews 1:3
In all these years, Jesus has been my personal doctor. I am sharing this testimony to give glory to Yahweh God, and not to condemn anyone.
Jesus said “According to your faith, be it unto you.” in Matthew 9:29.
This is faith cabin saying bye for now. Blessings, love, and smiles.



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