Posted by: lll47 | October 15, 2018


THINK ABOUT THIS:                                                                                                                               Most all people put Yahweh God in one kind of box or the other according to what they believe by what they have been taught. The world is so far away from Yahweh’s rule and authority. Putting it much closer to home: God’s own people are far away from His statues and law. Deception down through the years has caused Yahweh God’s true people to not be aware of the truth of His Word (which contains His law, statues, & principles).  But He is busy opening our eyes, and many are beginning to get it.

The whole of the Bible is made up of components that fit together to bring Yahweh God’s truth to bear. Just as the fine Swiss watch has to have all 130 parts to function properly so does the Bible. If verses are taken out of context, there is not a clear understanding of what Yahweh God is saying. By leaving words out, the truth of the Bible has been misconstrued  in what Yahweh has said and means. In order to republish the Bible translations, they have to be changed by leaving words out and adding other words instead of the original ones. This changes the meaning all together. The people who do this are only interested in making money. 1Timothy6:10 says, “the love of money is the root of all evil.”  No one has the rights to the King James Version of the Bible. Therefore, it cannot be changed.

One must study the history behind the Bible to know Yahweh’s truth.  God chooses whom and what He wants for His own purpose and pleasure because of His “unconditional sovereignty.” Yahweh God is our creator, He can do what as He pleases. He’s the potter, we are the clay. Does the clay tell the potter how to make the vessel?  We may not understand it all or even like it. It may not fit into the popular cultural image of God today. But it’s either the truth or it isn’t. The bottom line is. What does the Bible say? There are a great many scripture evidences in the Bible that prove who God is talking to.  Most do not really know what God is saying through the Bible and who He is saying it to. This results in a willingness to believe error. If you want to find out, you can, but you must approach the Bible with an open mind, and keep yourself from putting Him in your own personal box.  Let God be God.  Allow the Bible to define itself by keeping the scriptures in context, and not picking out a verse to quote to prove a point. This is making a doctrine out of one verse, which many ministers do. This leads people down the wrong path. If Yahweh God is kept in a box, He has no power! People put their trust in mankind, who Yahweh God has created, instead of the very God that created them. They say that they believe in Yahweh, but deny His power. 2Timothy 3:5  The sad fact is that they do not know Him well enough to trust Him!

We must remember that we have an arch enemy, satan. He has had an evil agenda to destroy  Yahweh God’s people since he was cast out of heaven to earth because of the sin of pride.  See Isaiah 14, verses 12 through 15. He hates God and His children. The devil has no power because he was stripped of his by Jesus at the cross and put to open shame. Colossians 2:15 He does have the ability to deceive and to lie. He can transform himself into an angel of light.See  2 Corinthians 11:14.  Many are deceived by his lies.

These are the ways to rightly divide the Word of Truth, the Bible.  1. The Bible is to be understood in its context. (Do not take scripture out of context) and 2. Let the Bible define itself.  The Bible must be allowed to interpret itself. all the component parts must fit together so the Bible makes sense. Without this approach, the verses and words can easily be confused as to what the Bible actually says and means. There is no place for personal opinion or interpretation. 2 Peter 1:20

“Thy word is true from the beginning; and everyone of thy righteous judgements endures forever.” Psalm 119:160 Remember all the sum parts of the Bible will offer the best and only way to be correct and certain about what Yahweh God has said. The SUM consists of all the component parts.

This is faith cabin saying bye for now. Be blessed, love and smiles.

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