Posted by: lll47 | July 7, 2018

BLOG 102 Satan Blinds

BLOG THINK ABOUT THIS: Satan blinds people to the truth. The weapon the devil uses the most is to control the mind of a person. Of course they don’t know that they are decieved. If the devil has control: he has that person.  The devil lost the power that Yahweh had given him, but he still posseses abilitiies. Isaiah 14:12-16  He mimics Yah’s voice and can make us believe the voice we are hearing is Yahweh God’s. 2 Cor.11:14 Pride is what caused the devil to fall, so he’s very apt at using this on Yah’s people. Pride is so devious that it is almost impossible to descern it in one’s own self. This is the only way that he can deceive the masses. If one is blinded, he cannot see the truth. For this reason, we need the “LIGHT” of God’s Word. John 1:4,9 With the Word comes truth (John17:17), and the way to be delivered from the devil’s lies. John 8:32 The evil one does not bother with those who are walking in his direction; only the one who is openly against him. Those who really love Yahweh God and have surrendered their lives to Him and are pursuing His will in the earth, are the ones the devil hates. He wants to stop their faith and prayers and cause them to give up hope. But their confidence is in Yah and in His Word. 1John 5:14,15 The enemy breaks up families; divides them so that there is no trust. His lies make it seem like the good are the bad, so that the person in need will not listen. Now, the world is calling good bad and bad good! It’s sad that those who are being deceived by the devil really need help, but won’t receive it from those who love them. Marijuana is something bad that the devil is using it to control the masses. Because the blind love it so much; they would rather have it than the relationship of people who love them. Marijuana gets in the head and controls the thoughts. They do not care about their lives, nor the consequences. This is what the drug does to the mind! Satan with his twisted wickedness wants to destroy lives and bring those to hell with him! What is the the reason that all the states are voting to make marijuana legal? It’s a proven fact that it is not safe, it’s addictive, and that it is a gateway to stronger drugs. It’s destroying lives: both the user and their loved ones! It can be seen what is happening all around the country as more fall into this trap and are enslaved by the evil devil, and his children. It’s up to all who love Yahweh God to seek answers for this major problem. We can be thankful that we have been given Yah’s powerful Word (Luke 10:19), and instructions how to pray. Matthew16:19
This is faith cabin saying bye for now. Blessings, love and smiles. 😊

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