Posted by: lll47 | February 24, 2018

BLOG 98 Recreational Marijuana

THINK ABOUT THIS:   People are taking recreational marijuana to “feel” good! The main in-road that satan uses is the five physical senses. If we live by what we see, feel, taste, smell, and hear, we are an easy target. He’s pulling the strings that controls humanity through drugs, alcohol, movies, games, and amusements (to name a few). A person has to be out of their mind to use something that is going to destroy them! John 10:10 This is what drugs do-takes people out of their minds! We should never give the control of our minds over to anything or anyone, exccept to Jesus Christ. Can marijuana be good as medicine since the truth is that it causes brain, heart and lung damage? No one talks about the addiction it causes that opens the door to the use of stronger drugs.  Ads are seen on TV that are campaigns against the dangers of cigarette smoking, but ignoring something that is a hundred times more dangerous! States are making a lot of money off the sale of marijuana. The various states that have legalized marijuana say that the reason for legalization was to benefit  from increased tax revenues. Why don’t states care about it’s people? The most recent state to legalize marijuana was California. Recreational Marijuana is legal in Colorado, Washington, Alaska, Nevada and Oregon. Medical use of marijuana has been approved by 29 states and Washington DC. Marijuana related traffic fatalities have increased 100% in two states where the drug is already legalized – Colorado and Washington – which some predict will be the same outcome in California. While these states will benefit from the legal sale of the drug by taxes, the human cost will far outweigh the benefits. “Whatever economic gains the legalization of marijuana will supposedly produce will be offset by the human toll on damaged relationships, loss of productivity in the workplace, and the costs of expanded gpvernment social programs to deal with the human fallout.” One of the worse things marijuana does to a person is that it makes them not care about the consequences of their lives, or the lives of others. They don’t care if they spend eternity in hell! But, recrerational and medical marijuana is touted as “Safe.” It effects the part of the brain that would make them understand about the consequences. I have heard people say repeatedly: “I don’t care,” and they really don’t. This is what the drug does. A young man on death row, soon to die,  wrote an article in a major magazine, to warn others about the very real dangers of marijuana. He said,” Marijuana led him to the wrong people and to more potent drugs , which led him to commit  crimes and multiple murders.” After a while  marijuana does not satisfy the body and one is led to stronger drugs.When we are “born again”, we have Yahweh’s mind on matters. 1Corinthians 2:16  “Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus”. Philippians 2:5 We do not live by our emotions! We live by Yahweh God’s laws, statutes, and His will for our lives. Matthew 6:10  “But when they in their trouble did turn unto the LORD GOD of Israel, and sought (desired) him, he was found of them.” 2Chronicles15:4 .  Many, many Christians were fooled into voting for medical marijuana; they did not do their homework and believed what they were told by “authorities”. Government lobiests spend millions to have their agenda approved! It’s up to every believer to inform others about the real dangers of marijuana, and to help them see the truth. John 17:17, Jesus said, “Thy Word is Truth”.  It’s reported that almost 100% of Marijuana planting are Mexican drug cartels, and they protect their interest! This is in the United States, where we live.. These people love their money! 1Timothy 6:10 says “the love of money is “the root of all evil.”
This is faith cabin saying bye for now. Blessings, love and smiles. 😊


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