Posted by: lll47 | October 2, 2017

Blog 93 Keys of the Kingdom

Blog 93 “ Keys of the Kingdom”

THINK ABOUT THIS: “And all things, whatsoever you shall ask in prayer, BELIEVING, you shall receive.” Matthew 21:22 Verse 21 says, “if you have faith and doubt not….it shall be done.” Jesus said in Matthew 16:18,19 and in Matthew 18:18 that He gives US the keys of the kingdom of Heaven and the gates (people) of hell shall not prevail (succeed) against it. Peter was given the revelation that Jesus was the Christ by the Father in Heaven.  Jesus told Peter that He was going to build His Church on the revelation that he was the Christ. Christ means anointed one. Jesus is anointed to destroy the works of the devil. 1John 3:8 Because of this, He charged his disciples to tell no man that he was Jesus the Christ. Matthew 18:20.,  Whatsoever we bind (forbid) on earth, it is bound in heaven. Whatsoever we loose on earth it is loosed in heaven. Jesus is in heaven making intercession for His own. Hebrews 7:25 We bind(forbid) poverty here on earth in our lives and Jesus binds it it heaven where he lives. In other words, He is backing up what we speak. Same goes for loosing. What we loose from our lives here on earth, Jesus looses it in heaven. It’s bound and loosed in heaven because heaven is where Jesus lives. When we have the revelation of the keys of the kingdom of heaven, there in no way that sickness, disease, poverty, and lack can stay. Having this revelation unlocks the knowledge of the authority that we have been given. The keys of the kingdom of heaven are binding and loosing. These keys are the way the kingdom of heaven operates. We forbid and loose every enemy that comes against us. We are in a spiritual battle, therefore, all our enemies are spirits. When we are regenerated(Titus 3:5,6,7), we are spirits first. The keys TO the kingdom of heaven would be to open the door, but the keys OF the kingdom of heaven would be how the kingdom operates. In Mark 11:23, Jesus tells us that we can have what we say as long as we believe it and speak it out of our mouths, but He lets us have what we say we have! He does not force us to speak His Word. He is the living Word. John 1:1 We are speaking Him when we speak the Word. Faith is the assurance that we will have what we desire as long as it lines up with the Word, and we believe it in our hearts. Faith is always “NOW” (present). Faith assures us that we can have confidence in Yah’s Word and possess what He says that we have. Hebrews 11:1, & 1John 5:14,15This is faith cabin saying bye for now. Be blessed. Love and smiles.😊

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