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We cannot accomplish Yahweh’s will in the earth by our own works. Many are trying, but, as they do, they become an easy target for the adversary to use. Being carnality minded is opposed to Yahweh.Romans 8:6,7 We can not underestimate the magnitude of satan’s deception! 2 Corinthians 11:14 Men are blinded by their own pride! Sometimes a person may not be aware that the devil is using him, but we can see the signs. In Zechariah 4:6, we are shown that the the Holy Spirit is our source of power and authority. “Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit says the LORD of hosts.” Our Heavenly Father’s work in the earth will not come to pass by the force of an army, nor by man’s strength, or abilities, rather it will be accomplished by the empowering of the Spirit of Yahweh God. Jesus was God in flesh; He only did what He saw His father do. After the “born again” experience, we are Jesus’ body in the earth. The Church is Yahweh’s temple, and must be built and kept by His Spirit to fulfill His will in the earth. As His children, our job is to build His Church by the power of His Spirit. Obedience is maintained by our love for our Savior. Obeying Jesus is the evidence that we love Him. Jesus said. “If you love me, keep my commandments.” John 14:1521,23 Our decision to obey Him is the key to understanding the Scriptures, and frees the Holy Spirit to teach us. John 14:26, 1John 2:20,27 Men are about building an edifice to themselves. Big buildings and large congregations are proof to them that they are doing Yah,s (GOD in Hebrew) will. Yahweh’s Church is not built by wealth, or by members, nor by how good that we are! The work of establishing His body, His temple, belongs to Jesus. He wants our participation through obedience to His voice. We must depend on the Holy Spirit to accomplish the things Yahweh has called us to do in the earth. Not by might, nor by power, but “By My Spirit.”
This is faith cabin saying bye for now. You are blessed. Love and smiles




DOES a porch swing, a diamond ring, do elephants fly? I believe that I have heard everything when I hear that marijuana is a “cure” for all sorts of ails! I will tell you what  it is: It is a cure to fill evil man’s wallets, and bank accounts! The love of money is the root of all evil. 1Timothy6:10 Marijuana growers and sellers are targeting children by putting it in cookies and candies! There have been reports of users over dozing on these “treats,” committed murders, increase in car wrecks, and driving into people’s houses, and going crazy jumping out of high windows to their death! Men love money more than their own lives.

Our nation is overcome with young and old citizens alike on drugs. It has reached epidemic proportions.  People argue that marijuana use is not habit forming, nor does it  do damage to the brain cells (they say)!   But it does in fact cause brain cells to deteriorate.

Remember this?  “Whatever feels good-do it!” This was Bill Clinton’s “motto” when he was in the White House!  Amusement means without thinking! Marijuana is being used as an amusement, and it is destroying lives. It is a gateway drug opening users up to stronger drugs. After a while, the body is not satisfied and must have stronger drugs!

Marijuana use causes people to lose their inhibitions.  I have heard older people (even grandmothers) say that they would have never used marijuana when they were young, but, now since it is legal; why not!   And it gets their problems off their minds! They are in “never-never” land! They have no control over their own faculties.

In this country, everyone needs to be made aware of the truth about marijuana and other drugs, and what they are doing to it’s citizens. It’s everyone’s responsibility to inform others about this serious matter, and to warn them to avoid marijuana like the plague.  Jesus is our greatest ally and hope for this nation.

Satan deceived Eve in the Garden of Eden to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, telling her  that she would be like God.  He said, “You shall not surly die.” See Genesis 1-6.  Oh! Marijuana won’t hurt you! It’s good for all kinds of ailments!

This is the evil that satan is using to draw people in to steal, to kill, and to destroy.  John 10:10

This is faith cabin saying bye for now. Love and smiles.




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