Posted by: lll47 | July 15, 2016

BLOG 61 Belief in the Unseen

BLOG 61                     BELIEF IN THE UNSEEN
Before I begin I would like to explain why I prefer to call our Father by His given name. God is a title as He is the only true, living, God, but His name is Yahweh. I like to call Him YA, or my Daddy! Jesus is from the Greek (which may be acceptable).  Yahshua is from the Hebrew. So in this blog, I will be calling them Yahweh and Yahshua. You know that there are many gods, but only one Yahweh. All false religions have a god that they worship, but none are living and can not compare with our Heavenly Father! Just as I like it when others call me by my given name, not by another name, I believe our Father likes it when we call Him by His name. There were no vowels in the Hebrew language, so the spelling was YHVH. The Hebrew letters were YOD, HEY, VAV, HEY, and that is referred to as the TETRAGRAMMATON, which simply means the four letters!
THINK ABOUT THIS!   Why do you only believe in things that you can see with your eyes? Yahweh (God) is a Spirit. John 4:24 He cannot be seen with physical eyes! He is seen through His Word. His Word is spiritual.

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