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By Hannah

Faith in the Father is His Armor
Love and Grace His Skill
He came to Live
He came to Die
To Save and not to Kill

When He Died upon the Cross
It seemed satan had Won
But when He came Back
From the Grave
He proved He was God’s Son

He came not to Dominate
The earth with all His Powers
Jesus came to die for Us
So that Salvation
Would be Ours

If you Receive Jesus right Now
As your Lord and King
Then you have made the right Choice
You have done the right Thing

If you have received Him
He’ll live Inside you right there
Then now you’re seated inside Him
You are a Royal Heir.

Hannah wrote this poem when she was only seven years old.  She knew at age two, that Jesus had to be in your heart to know Him personally.

Jesus desires to know you now, in a personal way.  He wants to save you and to give you eternal life.  Call on Him, you will never regret it!

Once you repent of sin, believe on Jesus, and receive what He did on the cross, you are a new creation in Christ, one that never existed before. 2 Corinthians 5:17  God does not remember your past, ever!

As you can see, Hannah is a young girl who has a revelation of her Heavenly Father and His love.  This plain and simple truth is what is needed by all.

Here is a wonderful prophetic word that God gave Hannah.

“You are new in Me.  The old you is dead now, so let go of the things the old you did wrong.  I have forever forgiven and forgotten every one of your sins, even things you have not done yet.  Forgive yourself, I have forgiven you.  You do not need to remember every mistake you made and will make.  I don’t.”

This is so good and it will change your life.  Please take it to heart!

This is Faith Cabin saying be blessed.  Love and smiles.

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