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Blog 32 Blood Covenant

BLOG   32                BLOOD COVENANT

COVENANT: (In Hebrew,means cutting) The term applied to various transactions between God and man, and man and his fellow-man. A compact between man and man; either between tribes or nations, or between individuals in which each party bound himself to fulfill certain conditions, and was promised advantages. A breach of covenant was regarded as a heinous sin. Also a will or testament. To bind oneself by a contract, or a promise.

The strongest agreement that can be made is by a covenant. People, now in these times and in this country really do not know or understand what a covenant is!  The Old and the New Testaments in the Bible are covenants, contracts, and wills between God and man.
Men made covenants with each other and declared their oaths and their retributions in the covenant. The oath was their intentions towards each other, and the retributions were what they would do, or what would happen if they failed the covenant in any way.
In some cultures, men cut their skin and mixed their blood together for a covenant.
These were blood covenants. Animals were killed, split, and laid on the ground. These covenants were very serious promises that were made. They weren’t broken! With the bloody, split, animals laying on the ground, the parties would walk between them and declare their oaths and retributions to each other.
We (when born again) have a covenant with our Heavenly Father through the blood of Jesus. Once a blood covenant is understood; one can see the seriousness, and the truth of it.
A covenant was made by God with Noah after the flood. He promised never to flood the earth again, and the Rainbow is a sign of that covenant. It can be seen in the sky after a rain as God promised.
God made a covenant with Abraham. The condition of this covenant was that Abraham was to leave all his country, kindred, and his father’s house. Abraham was to follow the Lord into the land which He would show him. The promise was: “I will make of you a great nation, I will bless you, and I will make your name great; and you are to be a blessing.” (Genesis 12:2)
Abraham said to God, “How do I know you’ll do this?” God told Abraham that He would make a covenant with him. A deep sleep fell on Abraham as God passed through the severed carcass. “A smoking furnace and a burning lamp passed between the pieces of the animals.” (Genesis 15:17) Once you have entered into covenant, you are called a “Friend of God.”
During the time of the Priesthood, priests would go once a year into the most Holy Place (where God lived) and sprinkle the blood of goats and bulls on the Mercy Seat. The Mercy Seat was a box that held the commandments (law) of God. When the blood was sprinkled on the Mercy Seat, there was a covering for sin.
The blood of bulls and goats could not take away the sins forever!
Jesus shed His blood on the cross at Calvary once and for all. He entered into heaven not with the blood of goats and calves, but with His own blood having obtained eternal redemption for us.(Hebrews 9:12)
Jesus’ blood took away our sin and restored us back to favor with God. When God looks at us, He sees us covered with Jesus’ blood. We have been washed in His blood.
Salvation comes through faith in His blood. The “just” shall live by faith. This determines everything we do in life. No one, by being good has ever made it to heaven! The Bible says, “Our righteousness is as filthy rags!” (Isaiah 64:6)
I know there are those of you who believe that you are “good.” You have never murdered anyone, or committed adultery.  But if you hate someone, the Scripture says that is murder in the heart.(this is where murder takes place,first)  Jesus said, “If you lust for someone in your heart, you have already committed adultery”!  Have you ever hated someone?  I rest my case!  We have to have a Savior!
The Bible says that the heart of man is evil!  This is why we have to have a new heart recreated by the Holy Spirit of God.
We have a Mercy Seat in heaven where Jesus took His blood. The life of the flesh is in the blood. The life of a born again child of God is in the blood of the sinless, spotless, lamb-Jesus.  There is no remission of sin without the shedding of blood. (Hebrews 9:22)  When Jesus hung on the cross, God’s wrath was satisfied against sin once and for all.  Jesus paid the ultimate price .  No more does one have to bring an animal sacrifice to offer on the altar; a complete work was finished at the cross. (John 19:30) Now, our sins are no longer just covered. They are gone forever!  God says He remembers them no more.  This is God’s gracious grace- His blood-covenant with His people.  Through faith in Jesus’ blood, we receive “salvation”,”righteousness”, “redemption”, and “sanctification”.
There is a beautiful word in the Hebrew language that powerfully describes the faithful mercy and steadfast loving-kindness of our  Lord. It is the word “Hesed”. The Scriptures proclaim that if we desire to be truly wise, we will understand what “Hesed” is. Hesed is truth about God’s gracious relationship with man.
The word Hesed describes God’s covenant love, mercy, kindness, and loyalty to His children. It is a relationship between two parties as they walk out their oaths to each other. God is a covenant-keeping God.
God’s Hesed is pleasing, is far-reaching, crowning, abounding, everlasting, revealing, drawing, saving, is over-flowing, astonishing, and precious. We must abound in Hesed towards God. As He promises to show Hesed to us, we must return Hesed to Him.
Our Father desires us to be a people of Hesed towards our families and our brethren, also.
You can study out the Scriptures to find God’s Hesed. Psalms 136, 103, 143, 119, 33, 85, 17, 36. Jeremiah 31:3, Deuteronomy 7:9,12, are a few places one can study, but there are many more.
Hope this helps you to understand what a blood covenant is!
Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and in His shed blood. Ask Him to save you, now, and you will live with Him for all eternity.

This is Faith Cabin saying, Love, Blessings, and Smiles to you til next time.

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