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BLOG   28      GOD’S    HEART

When I continually hear individuals and Christian Ministries saying God is judging America because of the things that she is doing, I am sad.  They are also saying that God wanted the recent election to come out as it did so His agenda could be brought forth.  They say God wants people to repent and to call on Him.  They say God puts sickness on people to teach them things.  He does desire for all to repent and to be saved, but He does not use His power to judge any country.  He uses His word to correct His people.  2Timothy 3:16,17
God sent His only begotten Son to come to earth and die on a cross to save all mankind. God poured His wrath out on Jesus.  Jesus had a great cup to bear in saving mankind.  He took all sin, sickness, all disease, and every enemy that Satan had to bring against man to the cross, and triumphed over it.  He finished all at the cross.  Jesus defeated every enemy.  He said, “Father let this cup pass from me if it be thy will.”  But Jesus knew that for the joy set before Him, He endured the cross. The way Jesus made it through was that He thought of you and me being reconciled back to our heavenly Father.
Why would God pour His wrath out on America when He has already poured it out on Jesus?  America is guilty of doing things that hurts God; like abortion.  I mention this because abortion is horrendous!  There are many saying that God is judging America because of this.  But we are under the dispensation of God’s grace.
God’s heart is love.  He does not have evil in His heart to cause storms, earthquakes, tornadoes, and flooding.  He would be no different than Satan if He did!
Yet people are judging our times now with the things Israel went through. The things Israel suffered was because they did not choose to believe God and to follow Him.  He told them to choose life, and told them what life was.  Because they didn’t, there was a causative effect.  God gave the Israelites His word and because they didn’t follow it; this caused things to happen to them.  Man fell by his own disobedience.  There are consequences to not obeying God.  God has laws and rules for all to follow. Like the way He created the earth and everything in it with laws to govern His creation.  Gravity being one of them. In the beginning, God put His word forth in creating the universe, and everything in it.  His word is the power that He put forth and it never returns void. Isaiah 55:11  His word is His commandment and will. He is not sitting in heaven pouring down things to hurt us if we do not do what He says!  God loves His creation so much that He gave us free will.  He does not make us choose Him and His ways.  He desires for all to know Him and to know just how much He loves us, but He does not force our will.  He knows what is best for His people, but He lets us choose what to do.  He is a loving God full of mercy and goodness.  He is long suffering and kind and gentle.  How anyone could even think that He would do horrible things to the ones that He created and that He loves, shocks me.  Would you put sickness and disease on your children to teach them something?  Of course not. Then why would God?  Are you better than God?
You know what it shows?  It shows that people who believe these horrible things about our Father doesn’t know Him at all!  They do not know His heart. They are believing that He is no different than Satan.  Satan is a liar; the Bible says he has been a liar from the start. He is known as the father of lies. He is evil, but he wants everyone to believe that God is evil.  Satan does evil things to people and then blames them on God.
It was God who put on flesh and came to earth to die for mankind.  He said there was no one better. Jesus is God in the flesh.
People say, “but God is sovereign, He can do what He wills, or they say He allows tragic things to happen to us to make us do right.  He is sovereign in that He is above all, but I repeat He has given us free will to choose right from wrong.  He desires to lead us to the truth.  He is grieved when one of His creation fails. That is why He inspired men of old by the Holy Spirit to write His word down so we could read it, and know what His will is.
Even then people do not rightly divide the word. For example, Job says, “God gives and God takes away.” Job was talking about his children and his wealth.  He said God had given him these things and that He had the right to take them away.  If anyone really knows God, they understand that He does not do these things.  Job opened the door to Satan through fear!  He was continually in fear about what his children were doing and making sacrifices for them. See Job 1:5  I believe it is pride that makes a person blame God instead of facing the consequences of their choices themselves. “Oh, it couldn’t be me; it is God doing these things to me to tell me something,or to teach me something.”
God’s word has all the answers for all life’s questions and problems, but it must be rightly divided.  2Timothy2:15
Ask yourself why would a God of love who has already poured His wrath out on Jesus to save us continue to pour His wrath out?   Jesus died once,and for all.  The next time that God will pour His wrath out is on the evil ones at the end of the tribulation.  His body, the Church will not be here then!   He has not appointed us to wrath.  We are His body here in earth.  A house divided against itself can not stand. We are His house now.  He lives in a temple not built with hands.  He could not kill the innocent in 9/11, or anyone else.  He doesn’t have any destruction in Him.  He is not a destroyer; He blesses.  He creates life.  Satan comes as an angel of light to fool God’s people.  He speaks to that person’s mind with his lies. ” God calls things that be not as though they were, and then they are.” Romans 4:17  He is a God of faith, and He sees the finished product. We are to speak His word over people and situations; and not get caught up in speaking Satan’s lies. This gives Satan more power to deceive others.  He is the accuser of the brethren, and He is using God’s people to do it.  We are to call things that be not into existence. We have God’s Holy Spirit in our spirits doing the work.  God lets us be involved in what is going on.  God created everything by the words of His mouth. Likewise, we are to speak His word only.  We will be justified by our words and will be condemned by our words. Matthew 12:37  Doesn’t that show just how important speaking God’s word is?  There is power in God’s word. Do you remember after Jesus had fasted for 40 days in the wilderness and was tempted by Satan. Jesus spoke God’s word to Satan.  He said, “it is written”, and quoted the word only to Satan.
Also it is pride that these denominations will not listen to anyone else.  A person has to humble themselves  in order to hear the truth.  God did not make all these different denominations, man did. Man’s made up rules for other men to follow, when God gave us His word to follow.  Pride has blinded them.  A tool of Satan’s; the same deception that caused him to fall.
I have tried to make others understand just how much God loves His creation, and that He is not judging us now.  He has judged us in Christ once and for all. That would mean that Jesus died in vain if God is really judging us again.
Sin in the world is causing destructive storms, earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, and even animals to turn against people. God did not make the world to withstand all the sin.  Abortions, homosexuality, murder, thief, shootings, lying, and being willfully deceived, resisting knowledge: these are the things that are causing  the earth to erupt.  Go to U tube and view a video called, “Angels Don’t Play this HAARP.” You will be amazed to say the least.
One very important fact you must remember is that God is good, only good. No matter what it looks like.  He is good.  He does not have evil in Himself; and that is what it would be if  He was judging this nation with all the things that are going on now.  The financial crisis, the high debt, the high cost of groceries,lack of jobs, to name a few.  Because of all the free entitlements being given; people’s eyes are blinded to the truth.
It really shows the heart of a nation when its people are more interested in receiving free things instead of the morals of the nation.
We, who are God’s true children know who is behind all this corruption.  Satan!  He hates God and God’s word. Jesus bruised Satan’s head when He was the seed of woman.
We are fighting a spiritual battle: good against evil.  We will win, but we can not grow weary in well doing.  We know that we have the victory already in Christ.  He has already overcome the world.  In Him,we have peace.  John 16:33
Don’t let anyone tell you that God is judging America now.  Not that there wouldn’t be plenty of reasons to do so!  But He changes not, and He gave us His word.
Please be open to His unconditional love, and see Him for who He really is.
I don’t believe I can stand to hear another person blame God for what is going on.  He is being judged wrongly. He is a big God, and because of love He lets us have our own way. You are missing out because you really do not know His true character.

This is Faith Cabin signing off for now.  Love, Blessings, and Smiles

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