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Blog 27 Horrors of Hell



  I do not want to go to hell!  You will not want to go there either; if you really understand what it is.  I don’t want anyone that I know to go there.
  Just like God prepared a place for us, He has prepared a place for Satan and his demons.  He did not prepare hell for His people.  
 There are those who go through their whole lives not having anything to do with God.  Then when they die,they wonder why they can not go to heaven.  You can hear them saying, “I am a good person.”  
 There is only one reason a person will go to hell!  The reason is that they did not receive God’s Son, and what He accomplished on the tree.  Jesus gave His life to save us from destruction. (Psalms 107:20)  What more could He do?  They deny Jesus as the Son of God.  This is what sends one to hell.
 God feels anguish and pain when He sees only one soul go to hell.  It is not in our capacity to really know how much God loves us.  This knowledge surpasses our understanding.  God does not just love (like we do). He is love.  
 God’s standard is absolute perfection, and Jesus is the perfect, sinless lamb of God. We must have a Savior. We can not save ourselves.  Even after we receive Jesus as our Savior; we can still make mistakes.  We don’t set out to make mistakes intentionally, but they do happen. We are living in a fallen world, and we have an enemy, Satan.
 I heard a man give his testimony about a trip he took to hell through a vision (which is scriptural).  He traveled in a spiritual body.(2Corthians12:1,2)  It is just as real. (1 Corinthians 15:44) It was not a dream.  It was an out of body experience.  He never took drugs, never viewed horror movies, and he never entertained the dark side.  He was a Christian for 28 years before he had this experience.
 He was asleep in bed with his wife, when he began falling to hell.  He ended up behind bars on a stone floor experiencing intense heat.  He said, “He wondered how the heat was not killing him.”  But he remembered that no one can die in hell.  A person will cry to die to get out of the pain, but it is impossible.  Once a person is in hell; there is no hope of ever getting out.  This is true hopelessness.  
 He saw two beasts about 12 or 13 feet tall between the bars, and they came after him!  He was taken out of the cell.  One picked him up and threw him against a stone wall.  He heard his bones break, and had tremendous pain, but was not dead.  Then the other beast dug his fingers into his chest and pulled the flesh off, and there was no bleeding.  The demons were about to pull off his arms and legs, and Jesus came to rescue him.  No blood in the body in hell, nor any water.  A person is in so much pain and discomfort that he can not even think to call on God.  You can never tell anyone where you are.  He was thinking about his wife, knowing she would not know where he was.
 He heard loud screaming and cries.  There was real fire with people burning, and their flesh hanging off their bodies.  The stench was unbearable; most horrible smell, like sulfur. There were demons everywhere.  One looked like a spider, 3 or 4 ft. wide.  There were snakes, and maggots, also.  The maggots were feeding on people.  
 It was pitch black there in hell.  You are completely isolated and alone.  No conversations.  A person is exausted, never gets to sleep,and are kept awake and tortured.  No food, no water, ever.
 You wish you could die, but you never can.  
 The man who was giving this testimony said, “He wanted to help the ones who were screaming, but he couldn’t even help himself.”  
 He said that the Lord wanted him to experience hell so he could tell others.  He also said that he knows that the Lord protected him while he was in hell, but the Lord wanted him to experience the reality of what hell is all about.  Hell is a real place and God wanted this man to be able to tell others.  He had to have the actual experience so he could.
 When Jesus was bringing him up out of hell, he saw people continually falling into hell.   
 You will never be able to view the beautiful mountains, trees, birds, flowers, or clouds again that God created for us to enjoy.  Yes,God created, not “mother nature” like we are told.  
 God loves His creation so much that He blessed us with free will.  He lets us choose who and what we believe.  The only thing a loving God can do is to withdraw Himself from those who choose not to believe in Him.  
 There is no life in hell because He is life.  There is no light there because He is light.  There is no peace, or mercy there.  There is no goodness there because He is not there.  
 I am not trying to scare you into believing God.  I just want you to know just how serious hell is!  When a person denies God and His existence and the existence of His Son, He lets them have their own way, and removes His Presence.  
 This is an open door for Satan to come in.  A person either believes in God or he believes in Satan, even if he doesn’t realize it!  You reject God, and whether you know it or not, you have accepted the devil.  This is how it works.  
  I desire for all to know the truth, and to come to the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Once a person dies, it is too late!  
  What awaits you after death?  Is it Paradise or punishment?  Are you ready to die?  If you die without Christ, it will be punishment and suffering.  Oh, please do some serious thinking and searching of your heart.   
 In Revelation 20:15, it talks about God’s Book of Life.  Our names have to be written in the Book of Life to be saved and to go to heaven.  For those in Christ, death will mean our graduation day to meet our blessed Lord face to face.
 Death is real and so is hell. Prepare for it, now.
 The devil blinds the mind of the person who rejects God.  
 Give God a chance, He loves us all so much.
 Turn to Him who said, ….”I am the resurrection, and the life; he that believes in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live; … Whosoever lives and believes in me shall never die”…. (John 11:25,26)  
 The name of the man who gave his testimony about hell is Bill Wiese, and his book is “23 Minutes in Hell”.  Web site is

 This is Faith Cabin signing off for now.  Love, blessings. and smiles.

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