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Blog 23              THE HORRORS OF ABORTION

Having written about abortion before, I have to try once again to make you really understand just what it is.
It is the murdereing of an innocent life.  You can do to a child what it is illegal to do to a cat or a dog!  If an animal is abused and mistreated, a person is fined and jailed.  What about a baby!  Why aren’t they being protected?  Don’t get me wrong, I really love my little dog, and take good care of her.  But I do not believe her value is above that of a child.
Margaret Sanger developed the Birth Control Center in 1916.  Now called Planned Parenthood.  Their main objective was to exterminate the black population.  Margaret Sanger, along with many others in high positions said “they didn’t want the word to get out to the “N” that they were trying to exterminate the black race.” They even enlisted black pastors in black communities to help with this agenda.  There are more abortion clinics located in minority neighborhoods.(2 out of 3)  Ugenics!  Have you ever heard of this?  Ugenics is getting rid of inferior races; according to people like Margaret Sanger.  Even Barack OBama has called the black race a mongriel race! ( he did this on a tv program, The View )  I know what you are thinking; but he is black!  Planned Parenthood is a money making organization.  Doctors can make $60,000 to perform an abortion once a week.  Planned Parenthood receives over $487.4 million a year from our government.  This comes from our tax dollars.  This upsets me very much.  I do not want my tax dollars going to birth control centers to kill babies!  Planned Parenthood funnels a huge amount of money back to the Democratic party.  Planned Parenthood is a Communist organization.   God says in 1Timothy 6:10, “that the love of money is the Root of ALL EVIL.”   Evil acts can be traced back and it always leads to money.
The black leadership in this country is scamming their own people.  There were two black pastors on ORiley’s program on Fox saying they did not think there was anything wrong with abortion.  How can a person call himself a Christian and promote abortion?  Plainly he is not a Christian!! And he will stand before God one day in judgement.  All those who are involved in abortion will answer to Him one day soon.
Planned Parenthood is involved in slaughtering babies, while they are  supposed to be protected in their mother’s womb.  Let me describe for you just what happens.  A doctor takes a 9″ long tube with a hole in the end, and sucks out the protective fluid the baby is in ( in the woman’s body).  Then, next he takes a long stainless steel scissor like instrument with strong teeth, and begins to pull very hard on the baby’s limbs.  He is pulling the baby’s limbs off.  He pulls out a little arm, and then proceeds to finish pulling all of the baby’s parts out.  He puts the teeth of the instrument on the baby’s little head (about the size of a plum) and crushes its head.  White fluid comes out; that is the brains.  The doctor now completes the abortion.  This baby is 27 weeks old.  At only 10 weeks, a baby has perfectly formed feet and toes. While in the womb,the baby sucks on its little fists, and makes sounds in its mother’s womb and also smiles.  At 27 weeks, the baby is as long as your arm (from elbow to wrist, not including its legs) This little one is feeling the horrible pain when its limbs are being pulled off.  I don’t know about you, but I can not stand the thought of this.
Now let me explain what partial birth abortion is, and how it is performed.  At the time of birth, in the process of being born, as its head is coming out, the abortionist takes the sharp instrument and pierces the neck of the living baby and sucks out its brain and then crushes its head!!!  This is an horrendous act, and it is murder.  It is wrong!!
The mother’s womb is supposed to be the ultimate place of safety for the unborn.  Now, today it is not.
At the moment of conception, this is a living being; created by God, our Father.  “Forget not your creator.”  For a woman to say she has rule over her own body; that may be true of a person who doesn’t belong to the Lord Jesus.  But if you claim to be a Christian, you belong to God.  You are not your own, anymore.  Your body is His temple, He lives on the inside of His children.  No one has the right to kill another innocent human being-absolutely no one!  The baby living on the inside of a woman’s body is a separate being.  At six weeks it has a heart beat.  God says the baby is fearfully and wonderfully made.  God knows all His creation initimately before the parents do.  He knows every hair on it’s head.  Please read Psalm 139:13,14, 15.
Every creation of God’s is fearfully and wonderfully made.  God loves us so much that He created life.  He desired a family to fellowship with.  You may not know it, but God is hopelessly in love with His creation.
God has blessed a woman with the ability to carry another living being in her womb.  God has given the woman a very valuable position in life.  Life has to come from life.  Although, a man can not carry a baby in his body like a woman can, God has given him a very essential role to play.  It takes the sperm of the male to create the baby.  God had a perfect plan for His beloved.
God tells us to choose life so we can live in peace with Him.  In Deuteronomy 30:19, “I call heaven and earth to record this day against you , that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing; therefore choose life, that both you and your seed (decendants) may live.”
Brack OBama is running for President again.  I want you think about the heart of a man that would promote abortion.  The killing of an innocent life.  We are not concerned with the color of a man’s skin, but with the contents of his character.  What kind of a man could promote abortion?  Where is his conscience?  He can not be trusted!  When he was in the senate, he was the ONLY ONE who voted to let the baby die when the abortion was boched up.  The baby was left to die alone in a laundry room of the hospital.
Repent, and ask God for forgiveness if you have aborted a baby.  He will forgive you, and heal your broken heart.  Your little one is in heaven with our heavenly Father.  You will see him again, someday.
The guilt that comes from a person aborting a baby is very devastating.  Most end up with some kind of bad disease.  There are a lot of women who die while an abortion is being performed.  It is very dangerous to a woman’s health.  Abortion is never justified.  Only 1/2 % of all abortions are performed on victims of incest, 1% as a result of rape.  A very small minority of abortions are performed because of the mother’s health.  So that means that 97% of all abortions are reasons like medical (morning sickness),inconvience,shame of pregancy, and financial distress.
No matter how the pregancy occurs,the baby is always a prescious, and wonderful blessing.  What a marvelous miracle that our God has created.

This is Faith Cabin signing off.  Love, Blessing, and Smiles.

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