Posted by: lll47 | November 2, 2012


BLOG     21     PART  2
  Why is OBama cutting our armed forces in half?  Why does he need a civilian army?  Why has Homelamd Security procured 800 million rounds of new amunition, new riot gear, hundreds of bullet proof stop stations, and an inordinate amount of bullet proof vests have been ordered?  
   What are the answers to all these questions?  It has been said that Barack OBama is a fraud!  I’ll let you be the judge.  It has been said that first comes Socialism, and then comes Islam!  He also said, “he believes in spreading the wealth around.”
   OBama has advised that under his administration, the Defence of Marriage Act, an official law, would not be protected.  Why, and how could a man who calls himself a Christian favor homosexual  unions over the traditional Biblical marriage of one man and one woman?  The Bible says “you shall know them by their fruit.”  Someone may say he is a cow, but if he doesn’t moo like a cow and give milk; then you know he is not a cow!  I’ll leave that for you to figure out.  
   What about the people OBama hung out with!  He was in Jeremiah Wright’s Church for 20 years.  Jeremiah Wright taught Black Liberation Theology, and damned America all the time that OBama attended the Church.  How can anyone believe that he never heard this?  Another bald face lie!  He has known Bill Ayres and his father for thirty years.  Bill Ayres was in the Weatherman ( later called the Weather Underground ) a communist front to destroy America.   A radical left organization; a revolutionary party for the violent over throw of the US government.  They bombed the  US Capitol, the Pentagon, the US Dept. of State building, bombed a Police Station in New York.  We have all seen the pictures of Bill Ayres burning the American flag.  Has anyone heard this saying?  “Birds of a feather flock together.”  OBama was taught by Saul Alinsky’s radical teachings.   He was taught “to not tell the people too much; let them add in what they want to.”  
   Of all the things we have learned about Barack OBama nothing is as important as the documentary we have recently viewed.  “Dreams from My Real Father,” really sheds the light on why OBama has the attitude that he has.
  His real father is Frank Marshall Davis, a card carrying communist that the CIA kept close scrutiny on for 19 years.  OBama could not have run for the Senate, nor could he have run for President if this knowledge had been known.  This is why his birth certificate had to be altered.  It said, “father unknown.”  Barack OBama Sr.( Stanley Dunham met him when the gov. program was offered to African students) agreed to marry OBama’s mother, but he said his name could not be on OBama’s birth certificate because he had a wife and children in Kenya.  Stanley Ann Dunham, OBama’s mother, was the daughter of Stanley Dunham.  Stanley Dunham, was with the CIA after serving in the army.  Stanley Ann met Davis when he was a guest in her own home when they were living in Hawaii.  Out of rebellion towards her father for moving her from Washington state to Hawaii, she began skipping school to visit Davis at his home.  He was a poet, a writer, and a jazz music fan, and 30 years her senior.  She found him very interesting.  
  Stanley Dunham could not have it known that his daughter could be pregnant by a communist that they were keeping surrvelience on.  OBama’s real father, Frank Marshall Davis, worked on a communist newspaper in Chicago.  He hated Capitolism, the rich, General Motors,( large companies ) Winston Churchill, ( this is why OBama returned the bust ), constantly bashed Wall Street, favored taxpayer funding of universal health care, advocated wealth redistribution from “greedy corporations”, supported government stimulus and trumpeted the public sector over the private sector, used slogans such as “change” and “forward”, attacked “GOP” tax cuts that “spare the rich” and that only “benefit millionaires,” singled out the “executive” for not paying his “fair” share.  Does this all sound familiar?  Does this ring a bell?  There is much more!  It would greatly benefit one viewing this documentary.  It can be seen on Netflix; listed under recently added.  “Dreams from My Real Father.”  If you don’t have Netflix, maybe you could get 30 day free trial.  If not, it is well worth the $7.95 it costs to sign up for the Netflix service for one month to view this very important documentary.  It is an eye-opener.  
  There is so much more that I could tell you, but it will have to wait for another blog.  There are so many things that have been done by our own government, and that continues to be done, that only our God can straightened it all out
   In God we trust.

This is Faith Cabin signing off for now.  Love, blessings, and smiles.        

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