Posted by: lll47 | October 24, 2012



   There is a lot of spinning going around about what Barack OBama has done for this country!  
Well, lets set the record straight.  For someone who says he wants to help the United States, why is he doing so many things to hurt us?  He has done more things in four years as President to harm this nation.  He has said, “he needs four more years to finish what he began.”  Barack OBama wants four more years to finish the work of destroying America, and our way of life!   America’s middle class is suffering under this President.  There are over 23 million people out of work.  Unemployment has remained over 8% for a record 43 straight months.  Over 16 trillion in debt.  There are 47 million in poverty since OBama has been in office.  There are 15 million more on food stamps since he was elected.   OBama says the private sector is doing fine!  Well, household income has gone down $4,300 since he took office.   He has put in place 900 executive orders, without giving Congress a chance to act.  He has continually ignored our Constitution, and gone to the UN for answers.  Also, Hillary Clinton and OBama are working with the UN to consficate our small arms.   He has appointed 50% more Czars.  He spends more on his staff than Queen Elizabeth of England spends on her whole household staff.  He spent 1.4 billion; she spent 57.8 million.  Is OBama just trying to keep the United States in more debt to bankrupt her?   After 4 years, he is still blaming the Bush Administration?  He is not really for women; he pays the women in his admimistration who do the same job as men 18% lower salaries. To muslims, women are no better than cattle. He just smiles and tells bald face lies, and never really answers the questions he
is asked!  It has been reported that OBama would not have been elected if there had not been for all the voter fraud!
  He refused the Keystone pipeline.  Just stop and think about all the jobs this pipeline would have brought, and the energy it would have provided.  It is well known that we have more natural resources of oil and gas than all the OPEC nations together.  Why has OBama restricted the drilling on all government lands?  For a nation that desires to be energy independent; this just does not set right!  Also Brazil was allowed to drill our oil off the Gulf coast and sell it to China; but we are not permitted to drill our own oil!  OBama has given billions of dollars to Brazil.
  Why were billions of dollars given to the muslim brotherhood after our ambassador and three other Americans were murdered and mutilated in Benghazi?  Why has the red carpet been rolled out for hunderds of Islamic radicals coming to the White House since Brack OBama has been in office?   In Egypt, OBama said there would be democracy, but shariah law has been brought in. They are hanging Christians on crosses and burning them.  
  He has by passed Congress time and time again.  Our founding fathers put checks and balances into our Constitution so things like this could not happen; it is being ignored.  Why?  Our rule of law through the Constitution and our bill of rights is all we need.  If our government will follow it!  We do not need the United Nations meddling in the business of our elections.  In fact, our country needs to get out of the UN!   
  For someone who says he is a Christian why does he favor muslims so much?   He has been bringing hundreds here to our country since he has been in office.  After he was first put into office, he brought 80,000 to America at the tax payers expense!  
  What is Barack OBama’s real agenda?  It seems like people are blinded, and can not really see the truth.  Their eyes are on the color of a man’s skin, and all the government handouts instead of the morals of the Democratic party.  A person can not do right if he does not see right!  If you vote for this party, believe me you will stand before mighty God ( the only true living God ) and you will be without excuse.  They are promoting Abortion and Homosexuality.  God is against killing innocent babies, and against Homosexuality.
  Why would our President at the United Nations meeting in September make this statement?  “The future must not belong to those who oppose allah.” This statement is very revealing!  This means there is no future for all non-muslims.  OBama is admitting that he is a muslim!  There are muslims who have said that he is one of them, and that he is their brother.  President OBama wears a ring on his ring finger with this inscription written in arabic, “there is no god but allah.”  Madonna said, “we have a black muslim in the White House.” If this is true, OBama can not come against another muslim nation, and kill muslims because the Quran says he will go to hell.
  We were informed by a former muslim that there are mosques being opened up every 5 1/2 days in America.  Along with the mosques, shariah law is being brought in.  We will not have shariah law in our country; it is against our constitution, and it is against women.  OBama has put many muslims into high positions in our government.
  One has to understand the ideology of Islam.  Muslims desire to dominate the world.  Their Quran teaches them to hate Jews and Christians, and everyone who doesn’t believe in Islam.  They are told to lie ( takia-probably misspelled) to achieve their agenda.  “Befriend your enemy until you subdue him” and “smile at his face and curse his back.”  These are more things that are taught to muslims.  Shariah law tells them how to virtually do everything.  We were told by a former muslim that there are no peaceable muslims.  They all pray and they all read the Quran, and obey what it says.  Children are indoctrinated into Islam at a very young age, and are taught terrorism.  They are taught to hate and to kill.  They do not value life!  Allah is not like our God.  Our God is a God of love, and mercy.
   This subject is continued in next blog.

   Faith Cabin signing off.  Love, blessings, and smiles.

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