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 The only way to live in victory is to live by faith.  Real faith is in the heart of man.  If faith is in the head, it is all mental.  Only by being a born again child of God can one have real faith. Being born again, means the Holy Spirit has come to live on the inside of the person.  He brings spiritual gifts with Him when He comes.  In Galatians 5:22, 23, as we read, faith is one of these gifts..  This is the work of the Holy Spirit which His presence within accomplishes.  
  When faith is in the head, there is no real change. A person’s life can be changed with very little effort by spending time in the word of God.  This is what causes faith to come,and to renew a person’s mind.  Not by reading the Bible just one time, but by reading daily in the word.  
   Without daily meditation and prayer, there would be nothing I would have to relate to others.  There would be no life in what I had to say to effect change.  
   There are many intelligent people in the world who are highly educated in various areas.  They depend on what they have learned from secular text books, and a person can receive some knowledge from them, but there is no real change that comes from just natural knowledge  A person will try to make changes by remembering a set of rules or by some other kind of method.  This will not be lasting, nor will it bring change to an individual.  The only life changing solution is the word of God, by faith.  I told how faith comes in my last blog.  In Romans 10:17, says faith comes by hearing, and hearing, by the word of God.  We hear the word as we read it.  Jesus is the living word, and His word is spirit, and it is life.(John 6:63) The word is supernatural and it produces faith. Otherwise, one will revert to living by their five physical senses.  They will live by what they feel, what they hear, and also by what they see.  
  The word is spiritual; most doctors and secular teachers do not consider this when practicing or when teaching.  There is no connection to the spirit, and in most cases this is not even known.  
   God is a spirit and everything He created was in the spiritual realm.  In Genesis one, God spoke, and God saw.  Because we were created in His image and likeness, we also can speak and see.  We start by reading and confessing the word.  As one continues, his faith will grow and his mind will begin to be renewed.(made aware of God’s word) Once the mind is renewed, there will be a great change that takes place.  Have you heard of the word repent?  Repent means to change one’s mind.  A person is going in one direction, the word causes him to stop, and to turn around, and to go in another direction.  The mind is transformed from a natural way of thinking to God’s way of thinking. He tells His people in Romans 12:2, “Be not conformed to this world, but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect will of God.”        
   The way salvation is received is by hearing God’s word, (the Bible) preached.  Then by faith, one makes a confession unto salvation.  We are told in Romans 10:8,9,10,13, that the word is near us, in our mouths and in our hearts (has to be in both places) this the word of faith which we preach.  That if you CONFESS with your mouth the Lord Jesus, and shall believe in your heart that God has raised him from the dead you shall be saved  For whosoever shall CALL on the name of the Lord shall be saved.. You see, one has to confess–say–speak–his salvation. We have been shown just how vital confession is.
  The word has to be in abundance in a person’s heart before it starts changing the attitude.  Change can only come from the inside out, and not from the outside in. A mind can change things on the outside of a person, but it is not pernanant.
  So many people tell me that they have faith, and that they have never lost it.  Well, in all honesty, they do not have a revelation of what faith is. You, should understand( Bible) faith comes from God only, and He is a Spirit; so faith is a spiritual force. Faith is not a religion like most believe. When a natural man has faith, it can only come from his head (his mind) Natural faith is something that has been tested physically. A person will sit on a chair in faith that it will hold his weight.  
  There is power in the spoken word. ” Death and life is in the power of the tongue.”( Proverbs)  There are those who are speaking negative words over their bodies, and their finances, and in  other areas also all the time, not realizing what could be happening.
  Everything exists in the realm of the spirit, and faith is the title deed.  Say one has an expensive car, but he has to have the title deed to prove ownership.  
  Faith is the title deed of the things we hope for. Faith is the proof of things we do not see, and the conviction (assurance) of their reality.  Faith perceiving as real fact what is not revealed to the senses.
  Hope this helps you.

      This is Faith Cabin signing off for now.  Love,Blessings, and Smiles.

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