Posted by: lll47 | June 16, 2012

Sin Corrupts Blog 11

  Sin has corrupted the world.  God did not make the world to withstand sin.
 He is not causing earthquakes, hurricanes, and tornadoes to judge us!!
 He has judged us in  Christ.  He has poured His wrath out on Jesus, His Son.
 We are His body in the earth, and we are under grace.  God protects His children.
  You have to know this and trust Him to protect you.  
 Because God is God, He is blamed for destructive storms and everything bad that
 happens to people.  They are called “ACTS OF GOD,” but they are not!  
 They are “ACTS OF SATAN.”
  Well, I can tell you,  that people really do not know Him, if they can
 believe this.   God is good.  He doesn’t have any of those bad things.
 But Satan does and he wants  everyone to blame God.        
 They are a causative effect. In the beginning, He set His word forth, and told all
 to choose life, and He told us what life is.
  Everyone and everything listens to the word of God. He gave  His standard for life.
 God created everything—-birds in flight, horses running, fishes swimming, and
 He created the chicken first; not the egg!  He also created the sun, moon, stars,
 and all the other galaxies to support the earth where we live.  
  God’s word is powerful and creative. Everything listens to His word, even the rocks.
 And if we do not believe Him, and abide by His word, there is a causative effect.
 He is not sitting in heaven pouring down His wrath on anyone, or anything.   
  Sin is causing the earth to erupt in storms and destruction..  Sin is causing
 the animals to be wild.  They weren’t in the beginning of  God’s creation.  
 When He created the world, there was no sin!  
  God is Sovereign in that He is above everything, but He does not use His
 sovereignty to judge us.  We have already been judged in Christ.
  Every man and woman is given free will.
  The  longer the sin remains, it’s effects will increase.
 Then the more the earth will erupt in earthquakes and storms, floods, and
 natural disasters.
   It isn’t that we don’t deserve to be judged, but God is not angry at us because
 of the blood of Jesus that was shed once and for all.  The acts of abortion,
 homosexuality, adultery, lying, cheating, stealing, fornication, anger and hatred
are some of the things that are causing the earth to come apart  
       God still loves the sinner; but He does not love the sin.
  Likewise, we do not hate the sinner.
 God desires for everyone to come to the knowledge of the truth and to be saved.
 He is not willing that any should perish.  
  Man’s heart is evil, and God knows it.  Man must be born again by the Spirit of God.
This makes him a new creature in Christ.(2Cor5:17)  But some are rebellious, and will
not humble themselves, and listen to God.  His heart is grieved. .  He sent His only Son
to save us; but all will not be saved.  
  There are only two families in the earth; God’s and Satan’s.  Satan works through
people’s minds He is a liar.  The father of lies; he was a liar from the beginning.
(John 8:44)  Could Satan talk to his children
(and to God’s if they don’t know His voice)
and blame God for 911 comparing this to times of trouble in Israel’s past?
God is not a man that can lie; He can not lie.  If He could, He would be like Satan!
He is long suffering, and full of mercy.  How could God, who is love( 1John 4:8 )
and created us in His image and likeness, kill maybe hundreds of His children in 911?
 He was successful in warning some not to go to work that day.  He is always talking;
but we aren’t always listening.  People are too busy and distracted.
 God corrects His own by His word.( 2Timothy 3:16and 17)  He doesn’t use Satan’s tactics
Jesus came to give us life and life more abundantly, Satan comes to steal, to kill,
and to destroy.( John 10:10)

  God’s word says “He is not willing that anyone perish”1

This is His word to us—He can not, and will not go against His word.
  I repeat, God does not like all the sin that is going on; but we are under His grace.
He can not pour out His wrath.  His body is here in America ( and many other places also)
The enemy, Satan, wants the world , the unregenerated, to believe that our God is evil like
him(killing innocent people).  Satan wants to cause God’s own children to lose their faith
and trust in God, and to live in unbelief.
 God is not double minded!!  He changes not.  He is the same yesterday, today,
and forever.   He sent His word ( Jesus) to save us from our destruction Psalms 107:20   
 You must remember, no matter what it looks like, GOD IS GOOD, ONLY GOOD!!
 There are people who are writing books about how America is under God’s judgement.
 They do not truly know His heart, or His nature.
 They are comparing America and her troubles to Israel’s past.
 God is not the only voice in the earth, and well meaning people listen to Satan un-knowingly.
 Such people are not willing to recognize God’s great grace. They are judging God unjustly.  

             Faith Cabin signing off for now.  Love and smiles. 

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