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Blog7 About Hell

Blog 7              About Hell
   Do you like pain——do you like suffering?  Well, that is what you will have in hell  if you go there!! You
 have a soul and a spirit and live in a body.  The soul makes up a person’s will, mind and emotions  This is
 who a person thinks they are.  But the real person is the spirit man.  The spirit never dies.  You will live for eternity either in heaven or hell.
   Don’t go to hell!  You have a choice.  God told us to choose life.  Jesus Christ is LIFE.  Choose Him.
   People have this idea that there is no hell; but after they are there for one second it will be too late.  They will know the truth the and it will be too late.  
    You must listen to the people who love you.  They are telling you the truth.  
     God has shown His light to every single person on the face of the earth but, those going to hell have
rejected it.(John1:9)  
     If a person dies without choosing Christ they will live for all eternity in hell; burning, suffering, unable to
 ever rest, sit down or see another person ever!  They will forever be in darkness, falling, falling, because hell is a bottomless pit.  You will not be able to have one drop of water ever.  In total darkness seeing no one else forever.  
     There will be no TV, internet, nor cell phones there.  Nothing but suffering.  
      I have heard people say that they don’t care if they go to hell, but believe me they will care.  Don’t say
 you do not care because you will care and  it will be too late to change.  
      Hell was made for the devil and his demons, not for man kind. God loves His creation.  He wants them to know Him and to be saved.  Hell is a horrible place–a bottomless pit–and in the end it becomes a LAKE OF FIRE. I repeat it was made for Satan and his demons.  They have caused so much heartache and pain to God’s creation through their lies and deception.
      Everything evil and bad has come from Satan  All sickness and disease pornography, adultery,
 fornication, drugs, thievery, lying, just to name some.  see Colossians3:5,6,7,8, `and 1Corinthians 6: 9,10       God loves you so much, that He will let you have your own way. He does not force anyone to choose
Him and His way.  People who are sensitive and have a heart of compassion; those who really care for
others—don’t go to hell.  You have a choice. Please listen to what I am saying to you. Do not listen to the
 lies of  Satan.  
       Jesus died for us.  A most horrendous  death because He took all sin, poverty, sickness, disease,
everything, on His body.  He has a heart of compassion and love.  We can not even know love unless we
are open to His love.  Only His love is everlasting
       A person won’t be remembered by their loved ones because the Bible says there will be no tears in
 heaven  This breaks my heart to even think about  it.
        Don’t have a rebellious spirit!  Please listen to someone who loves you dearly.  
       Pride is what makes someone rebellious.  Pride is what caused Satan to fall.  Therefore, he uses pride on others.  Making them believe that they know more than God, and more than the people who loves them.  
         Pride is impossible for the person in pride to detect.  That is why a person needs to humble themselves and listen to someone who really loves them.  It is real easy to do.  Just say I will humble myself and listen and obey.  You have a lot to lose—-your life, your family, your loved ones, your FREEDOM.  
       Satan is hate.  He hates God and he hates God’s creation.  He is a destroyer.  He wants to bring as many people to hell with him as he can.
       God is mighty and He deserves our praise and our reverence.  He humbled himself and took beatings; was humiliated, and shamed, and hung on a cross and died.  He is not puny.  He had everything in heaven.
 He left all for us. ONLY LOVE COULD DO ALL THAT!!
  Be wise and choose the way above.  Don’t miss heaven.  Earth has nothing to compare to it.
I am so thankful, Jesus loved me so much that He shed His precious blood and saved my soul.
Let him save your soul—-He really wants to.  You will never have anyone love you like He does!
Hell is a real place whether you believe it or not.    CAN YOU TAKE THE CHANCE??

This is Faith Cabin signing off  for now.  With Love

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