Posted by: lll47 | August 31, 2011

Hello, this is my very first blog.

I have been desiring to write letters to you from my heavenly Father for some time now.  I believe he has put this desire in my heart.  He says if I delight myself in him, he will give me the desires of my heart.( Psalms 37:4)  I believe he puts his desires in my heart because I want to please him.

I do know there will be many who are skeptical about this, but there will also be many who are hungry to know God, and who long to hear from him.

He is such a good God and his heart is to fellowship with his creation.  He holds us all in his heart.

So here I am sitting in my little cabin deep in the Junipers of Colorado (junipers are trees kin to fir trees)

Most do not call them trees, but they are way taller than me, so they are trees to me!  My cabin is at the base of the Rockies. Oh, what a gorgeous view with the sunrise and the sunset.

In writing to you, I am bearing my heart and desire for your success.  It’s probably not the success that you think I mean.  But it is the very most important kind of success there is!

You may be wondering why I chose to call my site Faith Cabin.  Maybe you thought it would be about building a cabin.  Well we did build this little cabin, and it did require a lot of faith!

What I want to impart to you is about the faith it requires to know God and to have a relationship with him.

My journey with God began when I was just a young child.  Being very inquisitive, I would day dream about him all the time.  I mean I would really take the time to ponder about him, while laying on my bed.

I always wondered what the world would be like without him.  It was a deep subject for me.  I could not conceive the beginning of our existence and the world’s.  One day he showed me and all I saw was total darkness void of anything!  I knew then that he knew everything and that he had created everything.  Including me.  I never wanted to hurt him.  Just like I never wanted to hurt my parents.  I didn’t live for him because I really did not know how to at that time.  It was much later that I surrendered my life to him.  Just as it takes time to build a relationship with any person; it does take some time to build a relationship with God.  Actually, the relationship can come quickly by believing on the Lord Jesus Christ

Salvation comes by trusting Christ and what he did at the cross.  It is within easy reach of each of us.

It is by believing in his heart, that a person becomes right with God.  The Bible says in Romans 10:17, that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God.  First, you have to believe that the Bible is God’s word to you.  He moved on men of old by his spirit to write down his word to us all.  It was written over a long period of time by different inspired authors and yet it is perfectly connected.  It says in 2nd Timothy3:16,17, All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: that a man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works.

The more I read and study the Bible, the more understanding I have.  Because of this, I long to know  him even more!

God is a spirit and he speaks to us in our spirit.  To be in tune with him, we have to have been regenerated. Our spirit made alive by the Holy Spirit.  We were all born with a dead spirit!  Dead to God because of Adam’s sin.  Separated from God!

Our schools have taught evolution for more than thirty years now.  Children are taught that they evolved from animals.  How can they be expected to value their lives or others?  I point you to the very first book of the Bible, Genesis.  God states how he created man in his own image and likeness.  The Bible is the source  of everything that pertains to life.  Every answer to man’s problems can be found there.

Success is knowing God and his word, and that is the success that I desire for you to have!

Until next time, this is Faith Cabin signing off.

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